5th June, 2009- I will step into my 32nd........and this will be the 2nd birthday that i will spend with Boris..
這個禮拜5我就會邁入32歲的門檻裡了 這也是我跟boris一起度過的第2個生日........
Yesterday, i found 2 letters addressed to me in my mailbox, i know one is from Apple- a colleague-to-best-friend, who together with me and others to accomplished lots of mission impossible, who we partyed hard together, my smoke buddy
and another one's from Fiona- one of my Perth Sisters, who speaks 6-7 languages, who we went to some crazy road trips together (and made some silly clips Wink), midnight MJ, insane nightclub scenes, and shared lots of heart breaking, breathe taking love stories together...
昨天 我去開信箱時 看見2封給我的信 我知道一封是apple- 我在tdc的好同事 一起瘋瘋癲顛但又很負責的叼著煙完成許多不可能任務的熱血女郎
一封是fiona- 我在澳洲柏斯的好友之一 會說6/7 種語言的傢伙 一起度過許多瘋狂公路旅行 半夜麻將 夜店狂歡 跟分享熱戀失戀故事的暴烈小妞
打開apple的信 我看到他親手製作的卡片 
Apple sent me her home-made cards and a beautiful stamp which's made by hand!
祝福我越來越幸福的樸拙字語 感人的手寫字體
Her naive greeting and decent words are such a great warmth to me!
最重要的是 他顆了一個好美麗好美麗的印章給我!!i love the stamp!
apple你說這會變破爛 沒有呢 你的心思連大陸郵差伯伯都幫你完整的傳遞給我了呢!~ 謝謝你!!你知道我跟你都不是很會感謝人的 都是以暴力代替感激 不好意思 不在你身邊給你個暴力之吻+猛力擁抱說   謝謝 Red heart
Apple, you said in the card that to excuse you if the letter would became rotten when it gets to me, but you know what? instead, the Chinese postman has delivered your caring tots and lovely present to me in a well-protected way! you know both of us are not so good with showing appreciation, but you know if you were here i would kiss u to death and give you a painful hug!!!! thank you!
and then i see this one from Fiona, i remember she asked for my address last week and i gave her a JPEG in Chinese just in case the Chinese postman doesnt read English address so i make sure whatever she's gonna send me would get to my hand, this envelop is just amazingly pretty,
she stamped this beautiful patterns on the front,
and at the back she use this lovely sticker, sooooooo cute!
with her cute little hand-writing and an original teabag as a gimmick in the card!! this is so adorable~~~thank you Fiona!
i donno if you remember my birthday is coming friday, if u didnt, then its a beautiful coincidence!!!!!!!
I remember when i was younger i always had big birthday parties with friends coming, often they asked me what i wanted for birthday, i always said: it doesnt matter what u gonna give me as a present, as long as u would take sometime to write something on the card of what u want to say to me but you have never said it, i would be grateful for that....
I appreciate people's hearts than the material stuff, and i am happy that hand-writing-letters, hand-made-greetingcards and DIY is back in trend, they remind us of the good old time when we could keep these in a tin cookie box and read them over and over......
我記得我年輕一點的時候 生日老是愛搞趴 朋友當時常問我我生日想要什麼 我會說:你給我什麼都可以 只要你給我的生日卡片上你會花一點時間寫一些你想對我說但又不敢說的的話 我就會超高興的!
我很在乎人的心思&感覺 大過於物質上的東西
我很高興現在慢慢有人開始迷上手工卡片 手寫信 跟diy的東西
這些喚醒了我們記起過去的時光 當我們沒internet來寄e-cards 當我們要去郵局買郵票來寫信給朋友 當我們花時間在書店選購香味信紙和可愛的信封
那些我們會放在餅乾鐵盒裡的美好記憶 一遍遍的拿出來看..........
PS: to whom choose E-cards or emails to send birthday greetings, this blog has no meaning to judge you, we would still be so happy when we receive these technology gimicks form you to show you have spent time choosing the most special card and spent time to type these words to us..... its just as lovely! 這篇不是在諷赤寄e-cards或是寫email給我的朋友 我收到任何的隻字片語給我的祝福我都會很高興 科技帶給我們的便利不代表你花時間挑選最適合我的那張e卡就不是心意 也不代表你慢慢敲鍵盤打的email裡的字句沒感動到我 我都也是一樣感動你記得我這微不足道的一日 謝謝你們
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