Are you looking for a face painter

to entertain your little guests at your kid's birthday party?

or a company, charity event that you need a face painter?

A lively, bubbly & friendly female professional face painter is open for booking, she speaks both English and Mandarin.

for Taipei area, weekends or weekdays evenings, she will bring so much joy to the party, kids will surround her and come back for more!

The hourly rate for face painting is 1800, she will arrive 30 mins earlier to prepare.

minimal 2 hour hours per session ,

Half price from the the 4th hour on,

the set of washable face painting colors is dermatologist proved safe and tested with SGS and I will provide the papers,

And your kids are the VIPs so they can cut in line anytime.

Relevant theme's colored photo menu for kids to choose from.


Please dont leave message here, if you would like to book her,

go here:



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    電☉話: 02:5553-﹋8377

    LINE-☆ID: 0989298406



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